Welcome to Wasser24



We offer you the solution for your drinking water problems.



Welcome to Wasser24


We offer you the

solution for your

drinking water problems.


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"Guarantee from conviction"


You get a 3-month money-back-guarantee

for the Water24 tool!






    Water24 is able to:


  • avoid and dissolve lime scale and rust deposits

  • prevent and stop oxidation

  • revitalize /energizeyour drinking water





Within an instant, Wasser24 changes the structure of drinking water. This also happens in standing water, it’s not necessary that the water is flowing! The lime dissolves within seconds, becomes small and round. The water is immediately softer. The lime is so small that the perlators (sieves) of the water taps no longer plug up. So they don`t have to be replaced or cleaned anymore.

The dissolving of lime scale starts immediately! The new water structure means that no more lime can cling to walls of the water pipeline system. Pipes will be free from lime scale. 

New calcifications are prevented. Rust is stopped and slowly reduced. The efficacy is given in standing and flowing water, as well in hot water as in cold water.




Wasser24 for the house

299,00 EURO excl. VAT plus shipping costs









Water boiler: lime dissolves


Water heater: lime scale deposits are easier to remove


Washing machine: Lime and rust linings dissolve. Fabric softener is no longer required.


Bath / Shower: Perlators (sieves) and showerhead are free of lime scale deposits. Replacement of the perlators is no longer required.


Coffee machine: Descaling is less or no longer required.


Swimming pool: Limestone deposits on the evaporation edge can dissolve. The water has a pleasant smell and remains clear.


Humans, animals and plants: The vitalized water feels pleasantly soft. Skin sensitivities can go back. Energetic drinking water from your water tap. Humans, animals and plants get more energy.


No more carrying of bottles or crates. Savings in detergents and cleaning agents.


Important note: The effects of water24 have not yet been scientifically proven.


No installation costs. No operating costs. No repair costs. No additional costs. 


Installation instructions




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