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Water is life - enjoy your life with Wasser24




Wasser24 can:

Prevent and dismantle lime and rust deposits

Prevent and stop oxidation

Water Revitalize


     Water24 is able to:


  • avoid and dissolve lime scale and rust deposits

  • prevent and stop oxidation

  • revitalize /energizeyour drinking water



Within a moment Wasser24 changes the structure of the drinking water. This happens without the water flowing! The lime dissolves in seconds, becomes small and round. The water is immediately softer. The lime is so small   that the aerators (sieves) on the faucet no longer have to be replaced.

The dismantling of lime deposits begins immediately! Due to the new structure, no lime can be deposited in the piping system.

Pipe tubes are free of lime deposits.

New Lime are prevented. Rust is stopped and slowly dismantled. The efficacy is given in standing and flowing water. Also in hot and cold water areas.


Legal notices:
The effects of water24 have not yet been scientifically proven




House owners, residential complexes, heating circuit, solar, industry, trade, clinics, old homes, gastronomy, butchers, bakeries, agriculture, nurseries, laundries, car washes, breweries, dairies, bathing establishments, and more...


Water boiler: Lime Forms back

Water boiler: Lime deposits can be removed more easily

Washing machine: lime and rust coverings dissolve. The softener can be dispensed with.

Bath/shower: aerators and shower head are free of lime deposits. Replacement of the aerators is no longer necessary.

Coffee machine: Must be less or no longer descaled

Swimming pool: lime edges at the evaporation knew dissolve. The water has a pleasant smell and remains clear.

Man: The lively/vitalisierte water feels pleasantly soft. We offer you source water structure. Skin sensitivities can go back. Lively drinking water from your faucet. Humans, animals and plants get more energy.

No more wearing beverage crates. Savings in detergents and cleaning products

Florida / north and south Amerika


Stefanie Hechler

SH Consult

Im Tiefen Weg 29

D-64625 Bensheim


Mail: shechler@sh-consult.net


Khaimah Islands / Arabic countries
Wolfgang Fischer
P.O.Box 36321
Ras Al Khaimah





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